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By Revd Dr David Attwood

The Affluenza Virus

It’s tempting but risky for a preacher to sound off about temptations which he doesn’t feel very strongly.  That’s partly why I don’t often preach about “materialism”, and wealth and related topics.  Of course I feel the lure of money in my own way; but I am lucky enough neither to have to worry about it all that much, nor to feel the need to compete as some do.



We are sure you will find a sense of community in our villages here. Many activities in our parish centre on the two churches and the three village halls. Here are just a few of the special services and events that have been planned for 2015.

The Annual Flower Festival in St Mary’s Ide Hill was held at the end of May over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend.  The theme chosen for the arrangements this year was Fairy Tales and it really was a memorable event with some beautiful arrangements featuring many familiar stories.

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