Church Information

A variety of modern and traditional church services are held weekly in Ide Hill and Sundridge churches and fortnightly in Toys Hill Village Hall.

See our Calendar for full details of our services and other events over the next few weeks

The All Age Worship services are great fun and especially planned to be interactive and involving all who want to join in.

A fifth Sunday occurs 4 times a year in different months.   Services then vary and may include an extra Family Service, a Service of Healing, a joint service for both villages or perhaps a special choral concert.People of all ages are welcome to all services.   Sometimes there is specific provision for toddlers and children. Please think of bringing (quiet) toys, books, etc.

Sunday Club for young children meets during the Family Communion Service at each church and participates in some of the main service.

A crèche for babies and toddlers is run by volunteer mothers in the Choir Vestry at Ide Hill during Family service in that church.

Our Pram Services for parents with young children are held on alternate Monday afternoons  in Ide Hill.   These enable young parents with children under school age to have fellowship, and to introduce the children to the idea of coming to church and learning about Jesus.   Do come along and join in if you have a young family – they are always full of great ideas.

Weekday activities *

A midweek Holy Communion is held on Thursdays at 9.30 am in alternate churches.

A short service of Morning Prayer is held at 9.00 am at Sundridge on Wednesdays, and at 8.45 am at Ide Hill on Fridays.

A Prayer Group meets at Finches, Ide Hill at 10.30 am once a month.

Bible Study groups meet on an ongoing basis and Lent Courses are usually held in Ide Hill and Sundridge.  

A joint choir from Sundridge, Ide Hill and Toys Hill, which participates in all services, meets for practice on Thursday afternoons at 8.00pm in Ide Hill Church.   New members are warmly welcomed. Contact, Jane Todman, 01732 750809.

*  Please check first with the Wardens about these weekday activities while our Rector is away,

Baptisms and weddings 

We welcome all who wish to be baptised or married (within the Church of England’s normal disciplines).   Baptism requires the candidate (or parents and godparents) to make clear public affirmations of Christian faith and practice.  Anyone can be married in a parish church, if they live in the parish, or belong to the church, or have a particular and strong connection with it.

Parish Contacts

Rector                                                                Revd David Attwood  –  the Rector is currently away

Please make contact with the any of the churchwardens below if you wish to discuss any church business

Deacon                                                               Revd Angela Baker

Readers                                                             Ruth Barrow, Roger Flint, Michael Minter

Sundridge Churchwardens                     Jane Belle, Michael Moore

Ide Hill Churchwarden                             Trevor ChampRoger Flint

Child Protection Officer                            Lynne Rutherford

Parish Legacy Officer                                  Brook Marshall

Secretary                                                           Wendy Fallon

Treasurer                                                          Julian Parkin  

Parish News Editor                                       Bruce Walker

Sundridge Church Keyholder                 Liz Finlason

Ide Hill Church Keyholder                       Alwyn Cunliffe Jones (the church is open daily from 9am-5pm) 

Prayerline                                     Call 01959 561388 if you know anyone who is in need of a prayer